Originally known as the “fusebox” from when you had to replace the fuse wire when things stopped working, they are now called Consumer Units.

The consumer unit is the hub of electricity management around your home. This provides vital safety coverage to protect you from electric shock, burns and potential fire should something go wrong with an appliance or home wiring. It can also protect devices that can be very sensitive to power surges many of which we have all become reliant on and need power or are oftent on charge.

If you have something like the image here, then it hasn’t been updated for many years, and doesn’t have the protection afforded by modern units. Even new-builds from only 10 years ago are dated. If you are worried about the state of your current installation we can provide you a quotation for upgrading this.

Wiring regulations now require new installations and upgrades to include a number of different elements to protect you and your home. We are familiar with these requirements so that you can be sure your home is brought up to the latest standards.

We can discuss your needs and requirements to find the best solution for you.